Clinton Vineyards Releases 'Victory Wine' to Encourage Hillary to Run

We'll drink to that!

New York's Clinton Vineyards — no relation to the woman, the legend — is capitalizing on the same name fame with their Victory Wine. I'm gonna get a bottle of this and a bottle of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's wine and then mix them up and drink it down and win all the contests. Or possibly die. We shall see.


[via Swampland]

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Chuck Todd: So why did you decide to run?

Hillary Clinton: I really was thinking it was about time to enjoy my retirement, and it was really hard to do that considering my love for public service and my sense of duty for my country. But then I tried this FABULOUS wine and I was all like:

Chuck Todd: Did you just use a meme gif in a televised interview?

Hillary Clinton: Just communicating at a level you can understand, Chuck.