Chuck Palahniuk's book Choke, in which sex addict Victor fucks a lot of women over whom he has a bit of inappropriate institutional control, fakes choking for money and kills his mother while allowing a mental patient to take the blame, is being made into a movie. Sounds like a blast, doesn't it? Wait until you see the poster where he's "choking" on a miniature lady who is kicking her legs. Either way, the pictured (supposed) anal beads are Fox Searchlight's swag item. You read that right — conservative Rupert Murdoch's company is getting into the spirit of Republican kink and giving out anal beads to unsuspecting Americans. If you need your own, there's at least one set available on Ebay. If you want to know why you might want to reconsider, click the beads to read the passages of Choke that would make you. [Defamer]


Chapter 33

Leaning forward with both my hands spread against the wall, my knees folding a little, I say, "Easy does it." I tell Tanya, "You're not starting a lawnmower."

And Tanya kneeling under me, still looking at the greasy, stinking balls on the floor, says, "Oh boy." She lifts the string of red rubber balls for me to see, and she says, "There are supposed to be ten."

There's only eight and what looks like a lot of empty string.

He gets them out, by the way, in Chapter 47 in the police station, shitting himself in the process. I don't think Fox is counting on a lot of people to whom they've given the swag having read the book. Plus, the string on the ones in the picture doesn't look like you are gonna ever be able to get it clean.

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For me, his post Survivor books follow an "every other" pattern—I love every other one. Love Choke; hate Lullaby; love Diary; hate Haunted; love Rant.

His newest one, Snuff, isn't hate worthy. It's just kind of "meh." Less shock factor than some of the others—or less "ew, his intestines!" shock factor and more "wow, that's a lot of peen," shock factor. And the ending kind of bit—it has the "Look at me shocking you!!!!!" effect that others have mentioned, but not much else.