Chuck D Questions Bill Cosby Backlash and 'Character Assassination'

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Public Enemy’s Chuck D questioned the apparent “character assassination” of Bill Cosby by sharing his frustrations on Twitter, the great epicenter of all convoluted Cosby opinions.


Making it clear that he’s not defending Cosby’s against the rape allegations, Chuck D still questioned the Cosby backlash, tweeting: “No way I’m defending Cosby. But this wiping history out wit a swoop is akin to Nazi book burning. Context is everything. Phil Spector still plays.”

Much of Chuck’s debate was based on this notion of separating the artist from the art, a valid but knotty argument to try to untangle on Twitter, especially when rape is involved. Chuck’s tweets:


And today:


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People really need to stop trying to create any kind of nuanced or complicated discourse on Twitter. I feel like Chuck might have some interesting things to say here but the limitations of Twitter make it indecipherable.

And I’m pretty sure that, unlike Cosby, Marving Gaye never presented himself as a paragon of family friendly morality or widely chastised the black community for what he perceived as its moral failings.