When approached from a place of reason, being an adult sure has a lot of perks. You can vote! You can rent a car! You can do pretty much anything without checking in with your parents first! Yes, being an adult can be awesome! Buuuuuut, from a place of emotion, doesn't kind of feel like kids are the ones who get to have all of the fun? And doesn't that go double (triple/quadruple) for the holidays? Take Christmas Eve for example. You probably spent it A.) getting drunk in your hometown with people you went to high school with, B.) doing nothing because you don't celebrate Christmas or C.) preparing Christmas for your own kids. And what were kids doing? They were stuffing their faces with sugar, anxiously awaiting the next morning when Santa Claus, a jolly grandpa-figure who lives to make them happy, will have brought them a bunch of presents and going to see First Lady Michelle Obama read "'Twas The Night Before Christmas'" with First Dog Bo Obama snuggled up in her lap. Yep, being a kid > being an adult.


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