Christmas Day Social: The Night Belongs to Merna and Henrietta

Last year, when I was just dreaming of writing at Jezebel and not actually doing it, I had a vision of making this version of "Go Tell It On the Mountain" a Saturday Night Social somewhere around the holidays. This year I'm here on Christmas and excited to give the night to Merna and Henrietta, the two most enthusiastic and emotion-provoking singers I've seen on YouTube. Congratulations, you guys. You deserve it.

My favorite thing about this video (aside from the fact that Merna wouldn't add me on Facebook, but that's not really about the video) is the fact that Henrietta is completely oblivious to the fact that Merna wants to cry, laugh and kill her all at the same time. Now, I can't say what Merna's thoughts at the time really were, but I imagine there's nothing a teen could like less than having to go on public television with her mother to sing Christmas carols with a karaoke machine. You can almost see Merna thinking "everyone at school is going to see this and I will die" as she kind of mumbles the chorus along with her mother. Of course, she could just be nervous. But do any of us really buy that?

It's been great spending Christmas with you and I hope your day was just as delightful as mine. Special thanks go out to Julianne who spent a large portion of her holiday laughing at my jokes and sending me links and to all of you for being super hilarious in the comments. Even on a holiday!


I'm off to color (can anyone please recommend a good set of professional markers for me? Or metallic markers?) but hope that you stick around to discuss anything and everything in the comments below. Have an awesome evening!

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I am proud. I've now made it through both Thanksgiving and Christmas without texting my ex. Five more days and I'm through the holidays and in the clear.

Pathetic, yeah. But in my eyes I'm a hero.