Christmas 2007: Drunk Stripper Santas, Shitty Sales, Deadly Tiger Rampages

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It's not just you! The polls are in, and this Christmas was officially a disappointment. Sales were "bleak", the streets were violent, and in the U.K. a man stuffed his wife's dead body under the tree before killing himself. Uplifting! So here's a news tidbit to be thankful for: in Los Angeles, a "beefy" dude wearing a seriously modified Santa getup replete with purple G-string was booked on a DUI charge yesterday. According the the UPI, the Santa in question was 6-foot-4, 280-pound Rick Carroll, who, in addition to sporting the G-string, was clad in black leg warmers, a blond wig, and a red lace camisole. A L.A. county sheriff told the press, "He had to sober up and find his own reindeer." Zing! In slightly less amusing news, an escaped tiger named Tatiana killed one person at the San Francisco Zoo yesterday.

Tatiana mauled two others, now in stable condition. Last December, Tiger Tat ate the flesh off a zookeepers arm during a public feeding. The terrible tigress didn't survive the holiday — she was shot by police.

And speaking of dead animals, luxury purchases were a bright spot on the otherwise gloomy holiday sales front, rising 7.1 percent, "as the well-heeled splurged on $600 Marc Jacobs trench coats and $800 Christian Louboutin shoes." How nice for them.


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