Today in religious people who act like dicks and say they have to do it because of their religion: a priest in Gaithersburg, Maryland denied a gay woman communion at her own mother's funeral, and then walked out of the church as she was delivering the eulogy.

The Washington Post reports that the woman, Barbara Johnson, went to receive communion alongside her mother's coffin only to find that Rev. Marcel Guarnizo had placed his hand over the wafers and challis and told her that she couldn't receive communion because she was living in a state of sin with a woman.

The denial of communion was just the icing on the cake of dicks that Guarnizo baked for Barbara Johnson that day.

In addition to the full court press he did on the Body of Christ, Guarnizo also walked away from the altar when Johnson delivered her mother's eulogy, returning when she was done spreading her icky gay germs all over. He also failed to accompany the family to the gravesite and didn't arrange for another priest to be there.

The diocese of Washington, DC has issued a statement declaring that it's not in accordance with church policy for priests to publicly deny people communion because the think they're living in sin, but they haven't announced what's to be done with Guarnizo. Judging by the penalties typically slapped on other priests who misbehave, he'll probably have to go without dessert for at least a week.


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