Christine O'Donnell Doesn't Know Much, But She Knows She's Winning

You guys, Christine O'Donnell is totally going to win, no matter what those stupid polls say. And when she does, she's super psyched to reach across the aisle and work with Democratic Senators. Like, um ...

Hillary Clinton! Not technically a senator anymore, but she is a lady, and so is O'Donnell, so there you go. Also Joe Lieberman. Not technically a Democrat, but why split hairs? Let's talk about cap-and-trade instead.

The charitable interpretation: it's not that Christine O'Donnell couldn't name any Democratic senators during Tuesday night's debate with opponent Chris Coons, but rather that she wouldn't want to compromise her all-or-nothing positions ("There's only truth and not truth. You're either very good or evil.") by committing herself to working with any specific Democrats. Then again, she can't name a Supreme Court case she disagrees with (c'mon, not even Dred Scott? Even Dubya had an answer for this question!), so maybe charity is unwarranted here.


Substantive questions about bipartisanship and basic knowledge aside, O'Donnell is convinced she is totally killing in the debates, and the campaign in general. For instance, she feels she scored a big point in her argument with Coons over whether the separation of church and state is guaranteed by the Constitution (real fun begins around 3:00):

O'Donnell told ABC, "It's really funny the way that the media reports things. After that debate my team and I we were literally high fiving each other thinking that we had exposed he doesn't know the First Amendment, and then when we read the reports that said the opposite we were all like 'what?'" O'Donnell added, "I followed up with, 'Can you name the five freedoms that are guaranteed to us that are protected by the First Amendment?' And he could not." She also says we shouldn't believe the polls that show her seriously behind: "The reason why I think we surprised so many people in the primaries is the same reason we're going to surprise people in the general. When you do the polls, first time voters don't show up. New voters don't show up."

O'Donnell also regrets her "I'm not a witch" ad — and says she's definitely not going to be a witch for Halloween. Instead: "I was thinking about just going as Dorothy. I killed the witch. There you go." We suggest Elvira instead.


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