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Christine O'Donnell Asked to Define Marxism, Inane Floundering Ensues

Illustration for article titled Christine ODonnell Asked to Define Marxism, Inane Floundering Ensues

Soledad O'Brien has just about broken the on a roll sound barrier over the last couple of weeks. For most TV journalists, getting Romney mouthpiece John Sununu Rumpelstiltskin-level mad and then reducing Tim Pawlenty to asking her if she understood English would be enough to coast on Gabby Douglas interviews for the next several weeks. But not Soledad. Witness today's bit of virtuoso interviewing, brought to you by the Tea Party, the word "Marxism," and the wisdom of just letting Christine O'Donnell talk until she makes herself sound sufficiently idiotic.


To be fair, former Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell is plenty good at saying stupid shit on her own, without any help. But O'Brien pounced on O'Donnell's cavalier tossing around of the words "Marxist" and "socialist," asking the ex-witch what, exactly, those words mean. And then this exchanged happened.

O'Brien: Why do you think they're Marxist? Why do you say that? I mean you just kind of throw words "socialist" and "Marxist" around that are not necessarily, I think, uh, anchored in definitions of socialism and Marxism. So give me the definition.
O'Donnell: Well, they absolutely are. But let me, I'll get to that. But let me say what we're trying to do at this Troublemaker fest is...


Later in the interview, O'Brien asked O'Donnell when she started calling herself a "policy wonk" while making one of the greatest Incredulous Interviewer Faces of all time. If O'Brien were a musician, the triumphant wince would be her White Album. If Soledad O'Brien were a member of the US Gymnastics Team, she'd be McKayla Maroney. Soledad O'Brien is Not Impressed.

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Troublemaker Fest...will include "the first-ever National Tea Party vs. Occupy Movement debate."

Oh, if only the networks would cover that instead of the actual convention...I'd love to see the Tea Party get it's ass handed to them by OWS...