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Christina Aguilera As Sex & The City's Samantha: "I'm A Man"

We spend a lot of time ruing the existence of Sex & The City. (Fun fact: Before we launched Anna and I used to have this little Satanic ritual we'd participate in whereby we would pretend to "exorcise" certain lunch spots and area monuments we came upon if they had appeared on the show. Kidding!) Seriously though, thank you, commenters, for reminding us yesterday that everything has a reason, and Sex & The City was obviously only put on this earth so that it could produce the above SNL skit, whereby Christina Aguilera plays Samantha so uncannily you could be forgiven for thinking she's lip-syncing. But she's not! She's just really, really talented, and like us, has given way too many hours of her life to Candace Bushnell. Watch her redeem us all!


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Did Jezebel follow my lead on a post? GASP! I feel so SPECIAL!!!!!

Also, very glad this is getting more view-age now because, as I said, this nailed the spirit of the show far better than the show itself ever did.