Christie Brinkley Starts Crying During One-on-One With Matt Lauer

She was there to promote the fact that she's returning to Chicago on Broadway, but of course Matt had to ask her about her messy messy divorce from Peter Cook. "I just want peace," Christie said as she got choked up.



I saw the entire interview, she was there to essentially shit talk her ex as revenge for him shit talking her. Matt wasn't being a dick, you're watching 1 minute of the interview. Look, I felt bad for her, but she's all "I never said anything bad about him, but he's ruining my life and he's a psycho and a narcissist and a crazy person..." That's not saying anything bad? All Matt was doing was saying "does it help for both parents to be doing this?" I mean, even if she was totally in the right and her ex is totally in the wrong (something none of us truly know because none of us know the private facts of this matter), should you be going on TV to talk about how shitty he is being to you? Is that the best strategy to take when you have kids together? Do you think that's going to make it better? She even talked about how her son doesn't want to go over to her ex's house anymore...I felt like that was sort of below the belt and not our business. So my reaction to this was "Oh my god, Christie Brinkley, why are you airing your dirty laundry on TV?"