Christian The Lion: The Movie • UK Begins HPV Vaccine Program In Earnest

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Sony Pictures is currently in the process of securing the life-story rights of John Rendall and Anthony Bourke (stars of the Christian: The Lion YouTube video) to make a feature film about their feline friend. • Britain has started a nationwide HPV vaccine program that will target 600,000 girls, beginning at the age of 12. • A new charter school in Philadelphia called Boys' Latin has sparked a local debate about the effectiveness of same-sex schooling and if same-sex schooling should be allowed in the public school system. • The total weight of all of the fashion magazine's September issues this year? 21 pounds (about 18 pounds down from last year). •• The creator of 'For Better or Worse,' the long-running comic strip, has announced that the comic strip will travel back 30 years in the past to the time when the strip first began. • Cambridge University is soliciting the producers of popular British soap operas, asking that the school be included in story-lines to help shed the University's snobby image. • Female police officers in the English county of Cumbria now have the option of wearing specially-designed maternity uniforms if they become pregnant. • Last Thursday, the British Columbia Court of Appeal ruled against the assertion that "bubble zones" around abortion clinics - where anti-choice activists harass women entering the clinics - are an infringement on free speech. • Australia has just sworn in its first female governor general (the Queen's representative to Australia), Quentin Bryce. • More firsts for women in Europe: Two women have become the first women to pass Vienna's Spanish Riding School's entrance exam to ride the famous Vienna dancing horses. • The LPGA Tour decided today to banish rules that suspend players who cannot speak English well enough to be understood at pro-ams, in interviews or in making acceptance speeches. • Male Maasai warriors in Kenya who travel to the tourist town of Mombasa to marry white women or find jobs to provide for their community sometimes work as hairdressers, a large cultural taboo. • Disgraced Olympic track star Marion Jones was released from prison today after serving a six-month sentence for lying to federal prosecutors about performance-enhancement drug use. • A new book titled Why Men Die First says that men die earlier than women because they are "more fragile and inherently vulnerable than females" which means they have to visit the doctor often if they want to live long lives. •



The lion clip actually makes me a little stabby. They are very, very fucking lucky that the lion remembered who they were — it really could easily have been a Darwin Award. As cute as it was, and as much as I want to hug lions for real (studied large mammals in Tanzania for a while and every time I saw a lion cub I melted inside), it is a BAD IDEA to interact with a wild animal that way, especially one that could kill you, and even if it lived with humans at one point. Plus that could have messed up his socialization. And it gives other people stupid ideas.

I can't say I didn't cry tears of joy a little bit inside, though....against my will.