Christian Siriano's Maternity Clothes? 'Nuff Said.

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  • Ooh! Sneak peek at Christian Siriano's bizarre "Moody Mamas" maternity line! [New York Magazine]
  • Russia's fashion elite feel the financial burn; neglect shopping. "Usually abuzz with Moscow's rich, the shop was populated only by the mounds of black caviar and giant lobsters left untouched in fridges." [Reuters]
  • Jesse McCartney (he's part of the Disney stable for those over the age of 16) is launching a scent. [WWD]
  • I'm sure you can figure it out, but here's a how-to on Palin Halloween costumes! [Sassybella]
  • Call your PO on a Prada cell! [WWD]
  • Scrawny designer Hedi Slimane now a photographer instead. [Fashionista]
  • New CEO is optimistic about Steve & Barry's. Although seriously, what's he supposed to say? [NY Times]
  • Nike is suing WalMart for allegedly ripping off a shoe, selling a cheaper version. Completely implausible! [WSJ]
  • Forbes "discovers" 10 "undiscovered designers" who, despite being completely secret are, you know, already being sold at boutiques and stuff. [Forbes]
  • How to weather the recession? Cross-dressing! But seriously, I've scored in the boy's section at SalvA. [WSJ]
  • Gotta say, if a moddle's gotta multitask, Karen Elson's Nashville boutique sounds kind of good: "The model, musician, and Jack White spouse joints forces with Venus & Mars’ Amy Patterson to open Venus & Mars—The Showroom. As Refinery29 notes, the shop “will be stocked with rare high-end vintage duds for men and women (with the option of custom tailoring in-house, upping the profile and selection of what was already, in the words of GQ, ‘the best clothing store in America’ two years in a row.'” [BlackBook]
  • Barney's fashion director on Rodarte: “They are two of the best designers right now.…I really do know. I don’t brag that often, but I really do know.” [WWD]
  • Illustrator It-Girl Daisy de Villeneuve is collaborating with Absolut Vodka on this London installation, "The House of Masquerade." "A vintage clothing boutique and cocktail bar in one, for five nights only, the space will play host to a fashion wonderland, offering shoppers the chance to come in and play dress-up - there'll even be a dedicated stylist on hand to help - while chilling out in the elegant surround." [VogueUK]
  • FabSugar brings us its Budget Shopper's Guide to Fall. (Otherwise known as, not shopping.) But it's good: nothing over $50 for once. [FabSugar]


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