Christian Louboutin Branches Out With $50 Nail Polish

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Christian Louboutin, the luxury shoe brand that's a favorite among reality stars living beyond their means, is entering the beauty industry with a line of exorbitantly-priced nail polish. It's actually a natural move for the company as its shoes' infamous red bottoms were initially designed using a coat of nail polish.

Back in 1992, Christian Louboutin (the designer) wasn't happy with the shoe that he designed, thinking it lacked color, "so he snatched a jar of nail varnish from an assistant, who howled in protest, and his famous red soles were born." The foray into beauty through nails only makes sense.

Rouge Louboutin—which launches today at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in NYC—will set women back $50 per bottle (and those bottles look way smaller than the average bottle of nail polish). It might seem expensive, but the wand apparently doubles as a weapon, so you can stab an assailant in the eyeball and have a fabulous manicure while doing it. The other 30 shades of the line will be available in various stores on August 6.


This is only the first of many more beauty products to emerge from the brand. And they will all cost a fuck ton of money, promising to be "priced even higher than elite brands such as Tom Ford and Chanel."

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