Christian Conservative Community Organizer: Voting And Organizing For Obama

Last night, Daily Show correspondent John Oliver sat down with several community organizers. He also talked to one bonkers anti-community organizing yahoo named Matthew Vadum, who said, "community organizers use crack cocaine in exchange for votes." But enough about that, and onto Liz Shaw, an Ohio organizer who identifies as a conservative Christian and often votes Republican. She deals with hunger issues in her community and helps people conserve and grow their own food. Shaw was so irate at Palin and Giuliani's denigrating community organizers that she decided, "I'm not only going to vote for Obama, I'm going to organize for Obama." Also awesome: the look on ACORN chief organizer Bertha Lewis's face when John Oliver asks her where the crack is. Clip above.Community Organizers [The Daily Show]

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This was a great bit, but I was a bit afraid that Bertha was gonna smack John Oliver.