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Chris Rock Opines On Interracial Dating

This weekend, HBO aired Chris Rock's new stand up special Kill the Messenger. It was filmed in Johannesburg, New York, and London, which was a little disconcerting at times. Naturally, there were a lot of jokes about the upcoming election ("George Bush fucked up so bad, he made it difficult for a white man to become president"), but Chris shined with his bits about relationships ("Women need three things to survive: food, water and compliments"). In the clip above, Chris breaks down the basics of interracial dating, saying that some problems stem from the fact that black women aren't attracted to white men, but black men love white women, the bigger the better — this includes, he says, the entire panel of The View. Language NSFW, so get your headphones on.

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I was a bit disappointed in this one, there is no comparison between this and his previous HBO specials. And the way they edited it together made me want to throw the remote at the teevee at some parts. Also, WTF was with that black shiny jacket in NYC?