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Chris Rock, 900 Old White Men and Some Ladies: It's Jezebel's Oscars Liveblog!

Illustration for article titled Chris Rock, 900 Old White Men and Some Ladies: Its Jezebels Oscars Liveblog!

We arrive at Hollywood’s annual prom night for the 88th year in a row with some caveats and some questions: mainly #OscarsSoWhite is a cause for boycott for many, wherein it’s unclear if the ancient pasty mummy-men controlling the movie industry even saw half the movies on the ballot. But also, does this night even really matter anymore, culturally speaking (apart from host Chris Rock’s much-anticipated opening speech)? Crack some vino and join your investigative team of bloggers at Jezebel—plus some special guests from Gawker, Deadspin, and Gizmodo—and let’s see if we can parse any of this glamorous mess.


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Gina Rowlands looking trepidatious on the red carpet. Image via Getty.

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Guys, THIS: