Chris Pratt Explains How His First Hollywood Headshot Came to Be

A few weeks ago, Pratt blessed the Internet with a gift so good if you tried to sell it at a pawn shop they'd have to give you billions of dollars. He tweeted his first headshot in Hollywood, dubbing himself "Douchemaster McChest," and let all of us revel in its beautiful, insane glory.


On Thursday night, Pratt re-visited the image and talked about it with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. Like all us, Fallon wanted to know the story behind it and how it came to be ("Were you OK?). Pratt explained all of the madness that went into creating his first

"I was 20 years old...I had just moved to LA. I knew I wanted to be an actor. I had no idea what to do...I had a car and that was it," said Pratt. Friends told him what he needed was a headshot. Sure, makes sense.

"I was in West Hollywood," he continued. "I was at the post office and there was a guy who was looking at me for a really long time. And he was like 'you look familiar. Have I shot you before," he said. Pratt said he told the man he had "never been shot." (OH CHRIS.) Pratt said the man told him he was a photographer and invited him back to his apartment.

Pratt went to the photographer's home where he was given the very chest-friendly shirt to wear for the shoot. "It's a nice shirt. I couldn't afford that shirt," he said. The photographer took about three rolls of shots and generously gave them to the struggling actor.

"And then I decided that this was best one," said Pratt. Lest you doubt the power of the chest, Pratt said the headshot actually worked and is what helped him landed his role on Everwood. Because who could look at those smoldering eyes and resist.


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My favorite Chris Pratt moment ever.