Chris Pratt and Aidy Bryant Show Us What It Really Means To Flirt

Saturday Night Live is back, y'all. It's the show's 40th season, Chris Pratt hosted, and hot damn there were a lot of firsts. This episode marked the debut of Michael Che, the first black correspondent for Weekend Update and Pete Davidson, the show's first cast member born in the 90s.

Most importantly, this episode marked that time I fell in love with Aidy Bryant all over again, so I guess FALL TRULY IS HERE. Chris Pratt was as charming and as goofy as ever, but the highlight of the show was definitely "Booty Rap" in which a meek Bryant and a similarly shy Pratt attempt to flirt with each other using raunchy rap lyrics. This is most likely the future of flirting people:


SNL also went hard on the NFL (shots fired, CBS) dedicating their cold open and another sketch to the shitshow that is Roger Goddell and professional American football. Also, Ariana Grande performed and that was fun? But URGENT: Chris Pratt as He-Man. Why? Because Chris Pratt as He-Man, that's why.

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