Chris Brown Planning Career Rehab; Caylee Anthony Documents Released

  • Chris Brown's management is reportedly working feverishly on ''Project Mea Culpa.'' Sources say he and Rihanna will co-author a book about abuse and go on talk shows.
  • "The only way Chris can possibly reverse things is to come clean and help raise awareness about abusive relationships,'' said a source close to his legal team, who added that part of the deal is that he'll pay Rihanna as much as $10 million ''if he as much as squeezes her arm the wrong way." [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • A L.A. judge filed a protective order against Chris Brown yesterday and TMZ has a copy. It allows Rihanna to record her phone conversations with Chris. Also, he must not "harass, strike, threaten, assault (sexually or otherwise), follow, stalk, molest, destroy or damage personal or real property, disturb the peace, keep under surveillance, or block movements of" Rihanna.[TMZ]
  • Rihanna's lawyer says she'll testify against Chris Brown if she's required to, but didn't say how Rihanna wants the case to turn out. "The fact is, Rihanna desires that it be quick and expeditious," said her lawyer. "She wants to get back to her life and her career." [Us]
  • Chris Brown was at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills last night but he wasn't partying. He was there for a dinner business meeting with a man who works in the music industry and didn't drink. [TMZ]
  • Blogger Ben Barna claimed that singer Nikki Jean was the woman who sent Chris text messages that ignited his assault, but she sent him a Facebook message saying she hasn't seen or spoken to Rihanna or Chris in six months. Barna apologized. [Black Book]
  • More than 1,100 pages of documents have been released in the Caylee Anthony case including images from her mother's computer. Casey Anthony had saved on the computer pictures of skulls and a drawing of two skeletons locked in an embrace and a photo of Caylee with a heart-shaped sticker similar to the one found on her body. [People]
  • Kristen Stewart has been criticized for not attending the Oscars to support Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, but she has a good reason: She wasn't invited. "If I was invited to the Oscars, I would be there in a nanosecond," she says. "If I got an invitation to the Oscars, I wouldn't turn it down!" [E!]
  • Lauren Conrad says she's leaving The Hills because she's tired of leading a double life. "You see us on the show and we appear to have seminormal lives, but if you watch any entertainment news show, half of the cast is being swarmed by paparazzi," says Lauren. "I'm excited to go back to having just one life, because there were times that I got them confused." [Us]
  • As Pamela Anderson was modeling a Vivienne Westwood gown on the runway with the designer, her top popped open exposing her breast. Yeah, there are pictures. [The Sun]
  • Zac Efron's mom talked to him about why he and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens were photographed looking at sex toys. "My stocking was full of condoms this Christmas," he says. "She buys me the economy box." [People]
  • Sienna Miller was kicked in the face by a horse as a child. She pointed out the scar to Jay Leno last night, but frankly, we can't see it. [The Daily Mail]
  • Charles Barkley's jail time for driving drunk has been reduced from five days to three for reasons unknown. [TMZ]
  • Charlize Theron's former dance teacher called in to a British talk show and revealed the South African's childhood secrets. "She always had these entrepreneurial skills and she used to buy sweets from the school tuck shop and sell them at night to hungry children for a profit. We thought it was wonderful - we, her teachers, thought that showed gumption," said the teacher. "Oh my god, Bernice! This in insane!" said Theron. "I don't remember selling candy at a profit! I did start drinking at a very early age, so my memory is a bit dodgy." [The Daily Express]
  • The Daily Beast dug up a 2007 ABC interview with Robin Givens, who spent years in an abusive relationship with Mike Tyson, for insight into the Chris/Rihanna situation. She said: "With Michael, I felt like I had a purpose. I really felt like I had to protect him and love him and convince him that the world can be an okay place - I wanted to love all of his hurts and all of his pain away." [The Daily Beast]
  • Coolio has been arrested at LAX for crack possession. [TMZ]
  • Amy Winehouse is trying to pass her road test so she can drive a cute vintage car. "Amy's looking for things to do to keep her away from the temptation of drink and drugs," says a friend. [The Sun]
  • Dame Judi Dench, Dame Helen Mirren, and "honorary Brit" Gillian Anderson are included on a list of the 20 most powerful women in British theater. [The Telegraph]
  • There are rumors of a Broadway production of Sex and the City but Cynthia Nixon says that it's not going to happen because the excitement of seeing the cast on stage would be too much for fans. "It would be really hard for people to even see just two of us together on a stage. That would be way too distracting!" [The Daily Express]
  • Denise Richards says this isn't the first time she's been asked to be on Dancing With The Stars. "When they asked me to do it originally, my mom was still [alive] and both my parents were like, 'You're going to get voted off right away because women hate you,' " says Richards, "And I thought, 'They're right. This may not be a good time to do the show.' Granted, a lot of them still hate me, but hopefully they hate me less. Time has gone by." [E!]
  • Devo will perform their 1978 album "Are We Not Men?" in full for the first time at a concert in London in May. [Yahoo]
  • Krist Novoselic says there are no more unreleased Nirvana songs. "What there is, is video," Novoselic. "There's a lot of video. There's not going to be any new Nirvana records." [AP]
  • "I do feel in my twenties I did way too much... I didn't realise I could say 'no'. It was like someone shot a gun and I just kept running and running... until I completely lost the desire to work. I felt like I had nothing to say. Then a lot of things happened in my life. My father died. I met my husband. I had a baby. And I thought, 'There's actually a real life to be had here that has nothing to do with Hollywood and all of these people and all of this negativity.'" - Gwyneth Paltrow. [The Independent]
  • The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick appeared on Ellen today as part of his apology tour for switching fiances on the show. He said: "I think what I want to do is to apologize to everybody out there. All the fans of the show because thank you for watching, but this was my real life and it was the hardest thing I had to do. And I made some big mistakes and that's what I wanted to sit here and talk about today-the mistakes that I made. But in the end I found my true love." [Yahoo]

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