Chlorine For Your Cooch

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This morning we came across something mildly interesting on the usually uninteresting (but hey, aptly-titled!) Diet Blog: A scan of an old newspaper ad from 1924 that seemed to suggest that pantyhose and garter belts could treat every woman's worst nightmare: Cankles! But then we clicked through to the source of the scan, a Flickr photo gallery created by one Spuzzlightyear 1 (the parties: she likey!) and found a whole treasure trove of old ads, including this one for PAR-I-O-GEN, a chlorine tablet meant to be inserted in the vagina for "antiseptic cleanliness". A chlorine tablet! "Soothing and harmless to the most delicate tissues!" As any woman who has ever held a job involving sitting around in a wet swimsuit all day could tell you, the delicate tissues start to feel the, er, "harm" at around four parts per million. So have our vaginas become more sensitive over the past 70 years or something? If so, good!


1933_Dec_31_Pariogen On Flickr [Spuzzlightyear1'sPhotostream]
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I'm personally fascinated by the Golliwogg perfume (The Perfume of Romance!) and the testimonial by the wife whose husband was sleeping around, but she won him back by douching with Lysol after her doctor explained that her stank cooch was what was driving him away.

I would seriously have gone mass murderer back then.