Chloë's Naked Truth

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Is Chloe Sevigny becoming modest? We've seen her naked breasts in Gummo and her bj technique in Brown Bunny, but in an interview in this month's BlackBook magazine, she's all demure: "This deal I have with Coty [fragrances] has some unbelievable rules, like I can't do nude shots, or any sex scenes," she says. "And anyway, I don't want to do any more sex scenes on Big Love...[Co-stars] Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ginnifer Goodwin don't have to do any nude scenes. [The producers] tried to put pressure on me at first, and they said, 'Well, you know, Jeanne shows her behind,' and I said, 'What? Any girl would rather show her behind than her boobies'... So I said, 'If they're not showing their boobies... I'm not showing my boobies.'" [BlackBook]


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I love her, I love her clothes, and I love that she uses "boobies."