Chloë Sevigny Does Not Enjoy Going to Fashion Shows Unless She's Getting Paid

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Lest you still be under the misimpression that Chloë Sevigny likes going to fashion shows, know that every time you see her in a front row, a little part of her is dying. The actress says:

"I don't enjoy going to fashion shows. It's very high school, it's very 'the most popular kids in the front row,' and everybody's checking everybody else out, and you have to do all this press and get your picture taken … It's not fun for me — it's work...I go occasionally to friends' shows to support them. Or if I'm getting paid, if I'm going to be honest."


Sevigny also says she's grateful to fashion for allowing her to make money. "It has been pretty lucrative for me, especially [because I've done] mostly independent films throughout my career [and have been] able to do some advertising on the side." [The Cut]

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The Kidult/Marc Jacobs feud is getting very meta. [Fashionista]

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Britain's Royal Mail has released this awesome set of fashion stamps featuring the work of great U.K. designers, including Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, and Ossie Clark. The photographs are by Solve Sundsbo. [Fashionologie]

  • Tyra Banks is very happy about Vogue's recent decision to stop working with models under the age of 16, or who "appear to have an eating disorder." Banks writes in an op-ed, "This calls for a toast over some barbecue and burgers!"

    I would love for models to be protected by a guild. Even when I was a teen model, I didn't think it was fair that I had to enter the acting world to get insurance. When I went to Paris after graduating high school, I saw a model who was 12 years old without any supervision. That wouldn't happen in the acting world. There needs to be more industrywide protections for models.


    "We were not happy with 2011," says Gap C.E.O. Glenn Murphy. None of Gap's investors were happy with 2011, either. Net income for the year fell 17% to $833 million. [WWD]

    Colombian immigrants who live in Queens are wearing girdles known as fajas, which originally were used to control swelling after liposuction or other abdominal surgery. Fajas do not look very comfortable.

    Getting the look requires some grit. Tugging on a faja can become a desperate bout of woman versus fabric. Flesh must be coaxed inside, battened down by hooks and, finally, sealed with a zipper that can force the air out of your lungs.

    "The first day you can't stand it," Ms. Murillo said. "But then it loosens it up."


    This fairly boring story about how Silver jeans (remember Silver jeans? Remember 2004?) is planning a retail expansion is enlivened by a single quote from company president Michael Silver, who is very happy to have hired Betsey Johnson's former head of retail:

    "We were looking for a Sherpa to lead us to the top of Mount Everest," he said. "We knew what the Himalayas looked like but didn't know how to get there."


    Lady Gaga has been forced to cancel a concert in Indonesia — to which 53,000 people had already bought tickets — due to security concerns. Muslim extremists had threatened violence at the show because they think Gaga's outfits are too skimpy. [HuffPo]

    J.C. Penney, which is in the middle of an ambitious turnaround orchestrated by newish C.E.O. and former Apple exec Ron Johnson, lost $163 million during the first quarter. But Johnson isn't worried and says the company is ahead of schedule with the changes. "This is not a throwaway year," he stressed. "We expect to earn money this year — good money." [WWD]

    H&M is opening a 21,000 square foot store at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. [WWD]

    Bryan Grey Yambao and Rumi Neely were not told that the company that hosts their respective blogs, NowManifest, was being acquired by Fairchild Fashion Media until less than 24 hours before the sale became public. Fashionista thinks the deal is "underhanded." [WWD]

    In what will be its last public financial statement before delisting from the Milan stock exchange and going private, Benetton copped to a 48% year-on-year drop in its quarterly profits, to $13.1 million. [WWD]

    Profits at Richemont — which owns Chloé, Cartier, and Van Cleef and Arpels, among other properties — rose 42.7%, to $2.1 billion, during the last fiscal year. [WWD]

    Net income at Abercrombie & Fitch fell year-on-year from $25.1 million to $3 million during the last quarter. [WWD]

    And now, a moment with Karl Lagerfeld. Karl, how do you feel about museum shows dedicated to fashion?

    "I am against museums and exhibitions in fashion. One woman said to me, 'In my world, the world of art' — so I said: 'Oh, don't you make dresses any more?' If you call yourself an artist, then you are second-rate."




Oh my that's an old photo. Anne has hair and she's next to her ex Zach Braff. Heh. Anyway, I don't get why Chloe is such a fashion ingenue.