Chloe Grace Moretz Does Not Want to Be in Taylor's Squad, So, JESUS, TAYLOR, Stop Asking!

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Actress Chloe Grace Moretz has PLENTY of people to hang out with on a Saturday night, so no one—especially not TAYLOR SWIFT—better ask her if she has plans because she DOES and TAYLOR has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM.


During a recent interview with Complex, Chloe (who is very popular and in demand, okay???) was asked if she was invited into Taylor’s infamous squad.

Via US Weekly:

“Did she, you know, ask you to join her squad?” Complex magazine asked Moretz, 19, for its April/May cover story.

Moretz said, “Yes,” but didn’t elaborate. “She’s a very talented person,” she said.

She added of squads: “They appropriate exclusivity. They’re cliques!”

She’s a very talented person.

I read you LOUD and CLEAR, Chlo.


Some friendships never die.

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Kat Marlowe

Tyga and his landlord are not in a great place right now.

That’s a shame. I thought things between Kylie and Tyga were going really well.