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You may not believe a trip to the chiropractor helps anything, but we all generally think of it as a relatively harmless treatment. Well, that may not be quite so true — a new study from the University of Exeter found that many of the randomized trials conducted on chiropractic treatments failed to report any adverse effects. Not only is this wildly unethical, but it paints a falsely rosy picture of how safe the treatments are. Edzard Ernst, the professor of complementary medicine who led this review of the trials, says that despite the fact that many of the trials showed there weren't any dangers associated with treatment, hunderds of case studies say otherwise. He said, "About 50% of patients seeing a chiropractor have adverse effects, which is staggering." Usually it's just something like mild pain, but in rare cases severe complications can occur. For instance, one thing that can happen when the neck is manipulated is that "an artery can disintegrate and lead to a stroke." Ah, not exactly what you want to hear when someone has your spine in their hands.


Dangers of chiropractic treatments under-reported, study finds [Guardian]

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