Chinese Women Take Selfies to Show Off Their Armpit Hair

Women in China are bombarding social media with pictures of their unshaven armpits.

According to Rocket News (via Zhaizhai News), pit pride is a trend on Weibo, China's version of Twitter. Rocket News called it a "competition", but there's not really a prize for the armpit hair competition except a trophy for giving Zero Fucks and having some fun with your selfies.

Users on Weibo, disputably China's most popular social networking platform, have jumped on the bandwagon and started the 女生腋毛不拔大赛 (girls not plucking armpit hair competition), which got many girls taking selfies of their armpits.


Sorry, guys. I don't speak Chinese and I don't have much insight into the online antics of youth in China (I barely understand half of my own posts on Twitter). All I can say about this is that it seems like a pretty cool way of celebrating your body and having a good time on social media.

Images via Weibo.

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