Surely you have heard of China's longtime "one child" policy to control its population and the way it's warped the population there because all the girls get aborted and therefore, a lot of men have trouble finding wives. Which means men throughout China are dying wife-less these days. And yes, this is really sad and all, but it's actually made a great "silver lining" for the graverobbing industry over there, because obvs, in order to honor a dead man properly he needs to be buried with a wife even if it's not a wife, it's actually just the stolen body of a dead woman he never actually met because she's from a province where they're desperate enough to sell dead bodies.

On March 7th this year, a local newspaper, Huashang Bao, reported that demand for corpse brides had led to sustained inflation. A top-quality piece of "wet" (recently deceased) merchandise that the newspaper said would have sold for a few thousand yuan four years ago now goes for 30,000-40,000 yuan ($4,000-5,300).

To which we can only say, Chinese: why waste your money on "wet" corpses of women when New York alone has hundreds of thousands of perfectly nice excess single women, also wet, to fill your demographic needs FOR FREE? And yes that means you, Chinese soccer team.

Wet Goods And Dry Goods [The Economist]