China's Version of Gossip Girl Might Be Slightly Less Exciting

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The folks who created Gossip Girl are teaming up with Chinese production companies to develop a teen drama about students at Shanghai International University. Will it have all the intrigue, back-stabbing, sex, designer brands and scandals audiences expect from Gossip Girl? Er, not exactly. As Deadline reports, "Because China's state authority has to clear all scripts, it's likely the local series won't be quite as risqué as the CW version, which has a large online fanbase in China." So close, and yet so far! And the kids will know what they're missing.


Still, the show sounds like it could still be pretty juicy:

Set to debut to Mandarin-speaking audiences in November 2012, the series about the lives of the students of the prestigious Shanghai International University, the school of choice of the rich and powerful. One's social status reaches a new level once admitted into the school. Each week, the main characters' trust, love and friendship are tested, with all the behind-the-scenes tales recorded in a blog. In the beginning, they are confused and lost, however over time, they discover who they really are and eventually find the right path to pursue their dreams.


Of course, the burning question is: Who is the Chuck Bass of China? Can't wait to meet him! Xoxo.

A Chinese ‘Gossip Girl' To Meet Mandarin-Speaking Masses In November 2012 [Deadline]

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The real question is: will the fashions compare to Gossip Girl? Half the point of watching is to drool over the clothes (mostly Blair's).