China's Next Top Model: Yes To Enya, No To Big Butts

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Have you heard? The Olympics are coming to Beijing, and the Chinese city is getting ready... by sending young women who may be selected as "Olympic Hostesses" to beauty bootcamp! It's like a severe version of China's Next Top Model! (The real CNTM was almost banned but will begin airing Sunday.) With height requirements and rigorous training, these women create a formidable team that will give medals away instead of winning them. According to Telegraph, all of the girls, aged 16-19, are between 5'6" and 5'7"; they all have a "good physique," a maximum weight of 121 pounds and "the ratio of their upper to lower bodies must be 11:13." Yeah, their legs must be longer than their torsos. Or else! According to the Times of London, the girls even have strict instructions on how to smile. "We have to show between six and eight teeth," says 16-year-old Meng Jingya. They practice by inserting chopsticks in their mouth. Sideways.


The girls rehearse for three hours a day and are being "drilled with military precision," Richard Spencer of Telegraph writes. To a soundtrack of Enya songs, "they showed off their deportment, standing still for five minutes with books on the heads and clutching a sheet of paper each between their knees." Kim Kardashian and her ilk need not apply; Chinese papers are reporting that big bottoms are banned. Creeped out yet? Keep in mind that the girls want to be there. Carrying a medal and representing China "is my dream," says 17-year-old Yang Tiantian. Meanwhile, Wang Hong, 17, sums up her experience, saying, "The main trouble is at the end of the day my face muscles hurt." Smile with your eyes!

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@jenndavo: Boycotting. I'm actually enraged Beijing won out.

@BritneyCanadaWhore: As an Irish step-dancer, I can personally assure you that training for hours at a time to Enya music CAN kill a girl... or, at the very least, drive her to kill.