The egg can be one of your very best friends, as Julia shows us in this vintage French Chef from 1964 (Mad Men time!), which features "eggs for elegance."

In the early days, Julia cooked in a super-retro studio kitchen, in black and white, with a theme that sounds like the score of an old French cartoon. Back then, she was teaching America the basics: in this case, to look beyond sunny-side-up and towards a nice glass of wine and a crisp green salad. She was also way less poised and always seemed to have run a marathon. Can you imagine how dispiriting it must have been to deal with crappy supermarket produce after the farmer's markets of France? Today's cooks would swoon at the thought of a non-free-range egg! But we never hear a peep or a complaint; Julia wasn't about making us feel bad - rather, about sharing her enthusiasms.


Julia Child The French Chef (1964): Elegance with Eggs [PBS]

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