Child's Play: "The Temptation Of Eve" A Disaster

In addition to bringing French cuisine to our shores, Julia Child is famous for fucking things up with flair. Yesterday, we took a look at a classic French Chef episode about cheese souffle. Today, a tarte tatin goes spectacularly awry!

One of the most reassuring things about The French Chef was that Julia wasn't afraid to make mistakes - which is good, cause they happened, and she didn't have some perfect version waiting intimidatingly in the wings. So, when this tarte tatin turns out, not a perfect mahogany orb, but, "very badly," a sad-looking pile of pallid applesauce, well, that's when we break out the powdered sugar! But even more important than a ready supply of the white stuff is Julia's intrepid attitude: life goes on, and sugar and butter always taste good. Life lessons, people.

Julia Child The French Chef (1971): La Tarte Tatin [PBS]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

This is a metaphor for my early 20's.