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Child's Play: The Odd Couple

Illustration for article titled Childs Play: The Odd Couple

In her later years, Julia Child partnered up with just about every chef and luminary in the world. But I had to end the week with a clip of Julia and Jacques Pepin, one of television's greatest pairings.


Jacques and Julia was a bizarre and inspired combination: him, long-suffering and patient and oh-so-French; Julia, completely un-self-conscious and batty. Almost every episode featured various skirmishes over proper procedure, and here's an awesome clip reel of some of the best.

Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home - Series Highlights [YouTube]

P.S. Just for kicks - or the totally baffled equivalent thereof - check out this beyond-odd interview.

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nex0s (Jezebel Kink Squad)

I have the cookbook from this show, and it's briliant! They give alternate ways of doing things - and sometimes I do Julia's way and sometimes Jacques way - but both are spectacular. I think it really highlights the different ways you can go about cooking - and no matter what, the results are marvelous.

My favorite recipe in there is the paté one. I now make it every christmas. I use Jacques recipe for it - but it was Julia's words that inspired me. "It's really just a fancy meatloaf."

After reading that? I knew I could do it :) And every year I get mad compliments on it.