What's better than looking for some loser dressed in last season's striped leftovers in the middle of a badly drawn picture of ancient peoples? Anything, basically. But even better than that is trying to find the hidden dildos in these photos!

This actually seems like a really fun game to play. Set up an Evite, have people over, hand out drinks and then set them loose trying to find where you've hidden sex toys in your apartment. The one who finds the most (or the biggest) wins. I just imagine people running around, armloads of dildos spilling onto the floor, vibes just stuck into shirts and pants, two party-goers angrily fighting on the floor about who found the dragon dick first. And then more drinking. And possibly sex. I don't know, it's your party.

You could even do this as kind of a surprise thing, provided that the dildos are clean, and gauge people's reactions to what happens. Maybe just leave one dildo out in the bathroom surrounded by votives? Maybe just place one casually next to the TV and wait for someone to mention it? Put some jewelry on it maybe to make it less conspicuous? Again, it's your party.

Just don't put the dildo in the dishwasher like one of my former roommates. I don't care if it's dishwasher safe and no amount of "It's right there on the package!" is going to mollify me. You just don't want to see a giant black dong when you open the dishwasher for a plate to reheat your burrito in. Also: I may have been less angry if this roommate hadn't eaten said burrito. And if the douche attachment they'd attached to the shower wasn't leaking on the floor. "But it's my lease," they said, and so I moved out. The dudes who made these pictures, though? All consensual dildo-hiders.

Please make sure to scream "I FOUND THE DILDO!" as loudly as you can each time you find the dildo in the following photos. Please also make sure to award yourself bonus points if you are in an office inhabited by others. Then go to this tumblr for more. God bless!

Images via Reddit