Cherie Blair vs. "Yummy Mummies" Verdict Is In: Nobody Wins And Everything Is Awful

Cherie Blair should really have a Skype party with Elizabeth Wurtzel! They seem to share the same blind, one-size-fits-all disdain for stay-at-home moms, who are apparently responsible for the war on women, inclement weather, et cetera.

At Fortune's Most Powerful Women London conference, Queen's Counsel and wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair said that it was an issue that women who are ""so smart, so capable, kind of drop out [of the workforce] because it's okay to. I think that just causes mediocrity." The niche that she's talking about is "yummy mummys," (cringe) defined by the Telegraph as "a woman who "uses her husband's wealth to devote herself full-time to her children and her appearance."


Blair's view is informed by her experiences as a barrister and mother as well as her father's abandonment as a child, leaving her mother to raise her alone.

"One of the things that worries me now is you see young women who say, 'I look at the sacrifices that women have made and I think why do I need to bother, why can't I just marry a rich husband and retire?' and you think how can they even imagine that is the way to fulfill yourself, how dangerous it is."

Naturally, the Cherie Blair-hating began almost immediately, as it is wont to do, with some valid points behind it; she's hardly in a position to dole out judgment to "the everywoman," but seems blind to this and other contradictions, describing herself as a socialist while owning two houses worth a combined $14 million.


Sometimes (like when Planned Parenthood's funding is being cut and established political figures are comparing women to caterpillars), it's easy to forget that other women are ALSO policing women's choices! But don't fear, it's alive and well. I'm gonna go die now.


'Cherie Blair attacks 'yummy mummies' [The Telegraph UK]

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: it IS a waste of social resources, talent, brainpower, and feminist advances for a woman to stay home and raise children while her husband supports her/them with his labor or inherited money. Especially when that woman was expensively educated by either taxpayer dollars or parental/family tuition support or both. That is all. Let the hating begin.