Ladies! Are you looking for a younger man? An investment opportunity? Both??? Julia Macmillan has just the thing for you: It's called Macmillan, who is 40-something, launched the site 18 months ago, and is looking for an investor. She was disenchanted with sites like and, which she claims tried to fix women her age up with retired golf-players. "Our site is aimed at strong independent women who don't want a pipe and slippers man," Ms. Macmillan explains. The good news? Guys are flocking to the site. "There are almost double the amount of men compared with women," she says. And she hates the word "cougar". "It sounds predatory and that's not what this is about." Meanwhile, Macmillan is currently single. "My last relationship finished coincidentally when I launched the site. I think he might have been a bit jealous." Time to turn to her database of dudes! [Financial Times]


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