Chelsea Handler's Showrunner for Chelsea has Left After Three Weeks

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Netflix reportedly paid Chelsea Handler $10 million for a number of projects, including the successful docu-series Chelsea Does, and the more weakly received talk show Chelsea. Now, nine episodes into the show’s run, showrunner and executive producer Bill Wolff is leaving.

Wolff is a veteran TV producer, spending ten years at MSNBC and the year previous to Chelsea working on The View’s rebrand. Chelsea airs Wednesday through Friday, so Wolff’s tenure there has only been three weeks long. The Hollywood Reporter shared statements from Wolff and Chandler about the quick split:

“I am excited for Chelsea as she continues to produce her singular vision for a television talk show,” said Wolff in a statement. “My friends at Netflix provide the foremost platform in developing ambitious and compelling creative content.”

Added Handler: “I’m grateful that Bill was part of the pioneering effort to get Netflix’s first talk show off the ground.”


The show is planning to continue its regular production schedule, and will not add a new showrunner for the foreseeable future. Handler continues her singular vision singularly.

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brick frog

“Working on The View’s rebrand.”

I would leave this off your resume, dude.