Chelsea Handler Said Goodbye to E! with Every Celeb Friend She Has

Chelsea Handler, the only woman currently hosting a late night television show, left late night, sort of, on Tuesday evening. She went out with a bang, gathering Fergie, Tim Gunn, Avril Lavigne, Dave Grohl, Gwen Stefani, Gerard Butler, Justin Theroux and dozens of other celebrities to sing a song about how great and and drunk she's been.


Handler also brought out her "very close friends" Mary McCormack, Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock, who were also all apparently on her first episode. I won't ruin it, but even though some of it was rough, "Sandy" had a good punchline.

Lastly here's Ellen DeGeneres and Chelsea showering together.

If you'd like to keep up with Chelsea, a new version of her show will be airing on Netflix in the foreseeable future, presumably with all the curse words intact and all the nipples unblurred.

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I have been anticipating this for weeks now! It is my birthday today and E!s present to me is no Chelsea Lately. Woo-hoo!!!