Chelsea Clinton's Marriage Is Just Fine, Thank You Very Much

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Following an onslaught of stories about the possible decay of Chelsea Clinton's marriage to Marc Mezvinsky, the two have been spotted out and about on the town in the last two weeks. Even if these appearances had been planned way in advance, it still looked like spin control. Not that attending events as a couple necessarily means anything, one way or the other. Certainly many couples — be they celebrities or private citizens — smile through the pain. And on the other hand, certainly reports in Star magazine are wrong, sometimes. And spouses go on trips without, you know, breaking up.

Nevertheless, there is a sort of arch, wry, Sweet Smell Of Success tone to the New York Post's item about Chelsea and Marc at a gala held a the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum on Wednesday:

Asked what she was wearing, Clinton said, "Well, I'm wearing a bracelet," extending her arm to display a delicate diamond band on her wrist. Then, with a gracious smile, she explained, "It was a gift from my husband." Sure enough, there he was.


A diamond bracelet! Not just a piece of jewelry, but a message. It could be a "I'm So Sorry My Ski Trip Started A Shitstorm" diamond bracelet; it could be a "Haters To The Left You Know How I Feel About You" diamond bracelet. But we suspect in this case, it wasn't a bracelet at all, but a placard, spelling out "NOYFB."

Chelsea A Marc'd Woman [NY Post]

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Chelsea needs to get her hairdresser to take Marc in hand, because that's a dire good-hair/bad-hair contrast right there.