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Cheerleading Coach Allegedly Hosted Teen Team Members for Sleepover with Stripping Games

Illustration for article titled Cheerleading Coach Allegedly Hosted Teen Team Members for Sleepover with Stripping Games

Lovejoy High School in Clayton County, Georgia, is the home of the Wildcats. Cheering for the Wildcats are the Lovejoy High School cheerleaders, coached by a woman who recently hosted a team sleepover in her house. According to The Smoking Gun, the coach and the teens played a game called "Judge and Jury." The coach was the judge; the cheerleaders were the jury. Here's what happened next:

[Teresa Reeves of the Clayton County School Board of Education] said the object of the game was to ask a series of questions and in doing so the person would have to answer the question beginning with "honestly." Ms. Reeves said if the student did not answer the question correctly they would have to either run laps around the school track or remove an article of clothing. Ms. Reeves said the student could have their laps reduced if they choose to remove an article of clothing.

Uh… no. Not a good idea. Terrible idea, in fact. An adult teacher cannot insist that teenage girls take their clothes off as part of a "game." The coach claims she kept her eyes closed during the game and that she never undressed, but, according to the Huffington Post,

One girl told WSBTV that about a dozen girls were crammed into a closet and stripped to their underwear.

The coach has resigned, and the police department is investigating, but it remains unclear whether or not the she will be charged with a crime. The alleged incident happened in July, and as one parent tells WSBTV, it was supposed to be a bonding experience, but "I didn't know she was talking about that kind of bonding." Also, there's this horrible detail: Sheriff's deputies are investigating the possibility that "the incident was video taped."


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Image (C) njnightsky / Stockfresh.


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I played sports in high school and we had a team sleepover at the coach's house once (it was pretty much the exact opposite of this story - just some gossiping and makeup tricks and her trying to impart useful life advice to a group of young women). It makes me really sad that now it seems like I never hear about a coach in the news without it being something horrifically shady. Also, this is not even remotely the point of the story, but I'm a little pissed off that she even tried to assign laps for answering questions incorrectly at a slumber part, let alone getting nekkid.