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Cheerleaders May Face Life In Jail For Beating Fellow Teen

Illustration for article titled Cheerleaders May Face Life In Jail For Beating Fellow Teen

The ultra violent cheerleaders from Florida who attacked a fellow pep squad member with the intention of posting a video on YouTube have bigger fish to fry than missing trips to the beach. According to CNN, the six girls involved in the beatings and the two boys who acted as lookouts will be tried as adults. All eight suspects are facing charges of kidnapping and battery, while three of the eight are facing charges of tampering with a witness. Frank Green, executive director of Keys to Safer Schools, tells CNN, "In one respect, girls have always been more vicious than boys. Their violence is of a personal nature... girls want to cause pain and make the other girl feel bad."


Girl-on-girl crime has reached a shocking high, as 25% of high school girls have reported being in a fight in the past year, according to a CDC survey. (CNN reporters, searching for the term "girl fight" on YouTube — got thousands of results.) And the Florida teens are not alone in the current news on young females engaging in fisticuffs: In Pennsylvania, a 10-year-old girl and an 11-year-old girl beat another 10-year-old girl so severely on a playground the night of April 3, that the victim has a shattered hip. The lawyers for the perpetrators are attempting to get them tried as dependents instead of delinquents. (If the girls are determined to be delinquents, they could be put in juvy until they're 21.) According to an AP report, the girls' lawyers are arguing that they're "too emotionally immature to understand the criminal charges against them." The victim, however, understands that she is still in the hospital and may need a hip replacement, simply because she was trying to defend her little sister from bullies.


Suspects In Video Beating Could Get Life In Prison [CNN]
Attorney: Girl Too Young For Attack Case [AP via Breitbart]

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