Back in April we wrote about a group of Florida cheerleaders who viciously beat one of their so-called friends and then posted the video on YouTube. Well, the victim of the brutality, Victoria Lindsay, was on GMA today. "I thought I was going to die," Lindsay said. "I couldn't fight back because there were too many of them." She believes that the girls were angry with her because of some "rumors" about "boys" they'd heard. Apparently rumors about boys were enough to justify a beating that left Victoria so mangled that her dad didn't recognize her in the hospital. The kicker? Despite the fact that there is a video on the internet of them beating Victoria, the five girls awaiting trial pled not guilty.Exclusive: Beaten Florida Cheerleader Speaks Out [ABC News] Earlier: The Meanest Girls At School Are Often The Most Popular Cheerleaders May Face Life In Jail For Beating Fellow Teen