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Checks & Imbalances

Illustration for article titled Checks  Imbalances

[Qalandia, West Bank; September 4. Image via Getty]

A Palestinian girl cries as she waits to cross the West Bank Israeli checkpoint of Qalandia into Jerusalem to attend the second Ramadan Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa mosque in the old city on September 4, 2009. Thousands of faithful Palestinians are expected to throng the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem's old city to perform the second Friday prayers of Ramadan. AFP PHOTO/DAVID FURST (Photo credit should read DAVID FURST/AFP/Getty Images)


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Gee, how sad. They want to visit their holy site, and they'll have to go through a checkpoint, after which they'll be given freedom to do so.

Well, interestingly enough, the Jews' holy site of the Tomb of Joseph is located in the West Bank. NO JEWS or Israelis are allowed. And if you do, you risk getting killed.

But that didn't stop Palestinians from treating the Jewish holy site with respect, right? Or. . filling it with burning garbage, destroying the tombstone, painting swastikas on the walls, burning tires in there, and smashing the headstone. How come there's no outcry for that?