Check Out This Super Athletic Cat Jazzercising

Well, not exactly Jazzercise, but this cat is hella good at backflips — she's the Surya Bonaly of cats! Man, how much do you love Surya Bonaly? She always got so screwed on "artistic" points when she WAS artistic, she just wasn't some skinny white chick sashaying across the ice. Her routines were beautiful, she's graceful AND strong, and she can backflip, what is so dope.


Question: Are women allowed to backflip in the Olympics now? I remember it being something women weren't allowed to do, but men totally could. Am I making that up? I'm pretty sure my ten-year-old self wrote some angry letters to the Olympic committee about that bullshit. Who's got the inside scoop?

Annnnd now let's watch the cat backflip again. Encore!

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Wasn't Surya Bonaly supposed to be not the nicest woman? She would do back flips extremely close to other skaters during practice, and I remember hearing a few other choice things about her back in the day. BUT I do love her, in the way that I love the meanest Real Housewife or whatever on a TV show.