If you're a grammarian, a self-styled "grammar nerd," a teacher who has read over the course of your career one too many student essays with "yours" masquerading as "you'res," or your (good — you're paying attention!) one of the many helpful do-gooders who've pointed out in the past that we on these imaginary digital pages have made typos or "nonplussed" errors, you might want to avert you're eyes because what your about to see is perhaps too hilarious for your reactionary reptilian brainstem to process. A very unfortunate typo marred what would otherwise have been a forgettably fingernail-dirtying newspaper ad for Washington charter schools — rather than asking readers, "Are you interested in Public Charter Schools?" the ad queried, "Are you interested in Pubic Charter Schools?" Note the difference: the latter seems to be some sort of cosmetology school/apprenticeship for pubic hair stylists.

The ad, which ran in the Tacoma News Tribune, was created by the Washington Charter School Resource Center, whose expertise on all matters educational may have taken a blow to the chin. Sue Piotrkowski, the Tribune's marketing manager, said that the paper added graphics to the ad, then tossed it back over to the Resource Center for final approval. Nobody noticed that "public" was missing an "l," WCSRC spokesman Jim Spady assumed culpability and apologized, and everyone is swiftly moving on with their lives because, hey, typos happen and at least this one was funny.


Typo turns public charter schools ad into something more private [King 5]

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