Charm School: Women Get Wasted, Puke, Break Dishes, & Hock Loogies

Last night's episode of Charm School was the most awesome display of unladylike, drunken behavior since Bret took the girls to Vegas on Rock of Love. The girls had a challenge in which they were given makeovers to look really ugly, and were then sent to a bar. Then all hell broke loose when they got back to the house. Brandi C. hocked the thickest, mucous-y loogie into Destiny's face for no apparent reason other than to punctuate a screaming match. Then Heather took a time out from dry heaving to yell at Lacey about it, then Lacey followed her out of the room and called her a bitch (natch), and then Heather hurled a plate at her head. Clip above.

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"I am asking you politely, get the fuck out of my room!"