Charm School: When Contestants Fill Up On Liquid Confidence

Last night's episode of Charm School was a clips reel of never-before-seen footage. That means: scenes of contestants at their drunkest. Plus, Sharon Osbourne attacked one of the women this weekend at the reunion taping.

Having to face a night at a bar dressed as unattractive women, the girls pre-gamed quite a bit before even leaving the house. There was some crying mixed in with flashing, mooning, ass spanking, and screaming — and this is all before they got to the bar and started doing tequila shots. Brandi C. ended up having a serious case of Duff Goggles and made out with some guy. We already knew what happened when the girls got home from the bar, and seeing this unaired footage totally explains how they got so shitcanned. In related news, the Charm School reunion was taped in L.A. this weekend and apparently things got intense. Insults were hurled, and Sharon Osbourne physically attacked Megan (the one who only wears bikinis), and, after going to the hospital, she pressed charges against Sharon. Nice going, teaching these wild women how to be "ladies", Shaz.

"Charm School" Chick: Sharon O. Attacked Me [TMZ]
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you know, I've been really wasted in my life, lots of times. but i've NEVER gotten to the point where I'm flashing or mooning people. or breaking stuff, or hocking loogies in the house. i'm thankful for that.