Charm School: Rock Of Love Is Totally, Trashily Awesome

Last night was the premiere of the second season of Charm School. This time around, Sharon Osbourne is guiding the girls from the two seasons of Rock of Love, helping them to evolve past their stripper/amateur porn personae into lovely, well-behaved young ladies. As you can imagine, things got off to a rocky start. Courtney, the girl who drank so much during the first night of Rock of Love 2 that she passed out and missed the elimination ceremony, did the same exact thing here. Lacey started shit with a bunch of the girls, and tried to pull what she thought was a wig off one girl's head, but it turns out that it was just a really shitty weave. Another girl said that Lacey's hair looked like her "period." Yup, this season is sure to be awesome.

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