Charm School: Jessica Bursts Into Tears Because Everyone Thinks She's Perfect

On last night's episode of Charm School, the girls were asked to examine why Kristy Jo and Jessica (arguably the most normal girls in the house) are still in the competition if they don't need improving, and to decide which one should be sent packing. So basically, they had to decide which one of them was less of a trainwreck. They ultimately decided that Jessica had her shit together, and that she should leave. Despite the fact that this was a compliment, Jessica was extremely hurt by how the girls were "judging" her without knowing her, and spent the day crying, which led some to believe that maybe she really is a more of a mess than they realized. Clip above.

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I wouldn't want to leave either- the prize is $100,000! And heck ya I'd drink free booze, live in a mansion, laugh at catfights, and wear a silly Catholic school girl uniform for a month or so for $100,000!