Charm School: Heather Sits On Her Throne, Calls Destiny A Slut

It was down to the final four on last night's episode of Charm School. Sadly, Heather — the former stripper who had Bret Michael's name tattooed on her neck and then failed to rock his world — was sent home after suffering some sort of breakdown. During one of the lessons, the girls were given pie charts broken down into certain aspects of their lives — family, health, fun, sex and career — and told to fill in how satisfied they are in each of these areas. Heather decided to call some of the girls out for saying they were only a tenth satisfied in their sex lives, accusing them of being promiscuous. But being promiscuous doesn't really equate being satisfied, so it was a sort of a double insult. They decided to have it out while Heather was on the toilet. Clip above.

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What happened to you Heather? I liked you in Rock of Love, then you got serious crazy on Charm School. I like the care free, fun crazy. Maybe you should go back to the pot if this is what you're like when sober...She got all paranoid and anti-fun.

The fake crying needs to stop.