Charm School Girls Take Issue With Being Called "Trailer Park" Or "Fat"

Charm School is so much better than Rock of Love, because we don't have to pretend that the girls even give a crap Bret Michaels. Instead, we can just revel in their fake boobs, shitty extensions, and various shortcomings, as they try to determine who is the trashiest girl. On last night's episode, my personal fave from RoL 1, Brandi M. got into it with my I Love Money faves Brandi C. and Megan when the latter two accused Brandi M. of being "trailer trash." And while I love me some airbrushed clothing (I grew up on the Jersey shore), it was kinda hard for Brandi M. to debate them on this when she was standing there in the classic TP uniform of an airbrushed wifebeater and short shorts. Clip above.


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